Welcome to Schmoopsie Couture!

We have a great collection of handmade dog products.  Lots of fun neckties, bow ties, kerchiefs, collars, leashes, and more!!!


Please browse and shop from our website.  However, we are consolidating all of our products on our etsy shop and Amazon.com.


To see ALL of our products and the most recent additions, please shop at one of these sites:








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We have collars with neckties for the guys.....

and collars with some bling for the gals!

Check out our great selection of bowties.  We have a style to fit every occasion!  Go to "Gunner's Bowtie Collection" to see them all!!

Take a look at our kerchief couture.  We design a super cute collection of kerchiefs that will suit any mood or complement any holiday!

Click on "Collars and Leashes" to see our great collection.  We have both the regular style collars and the Martingales!!  We make super cute collars and leashes out of heavy duty nylon webbing with a  beautiful ribbon accent.  We make leashes to match all of our collar patterns!  Check them out!!

We now offer all of our fabulous collars in the traditional buckle style!  Click that option on the left to check out the selection and sizes available.  Awesome!!!

Our model is our own family member, Gunner.  He has been our inspiration for all of our great products.  We hope you enjoy your necktie as much as he does!!  All products are handmade in Pittsburgh, PA  USA

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